Military Freefall

CIN# A-431-0136


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The Military Freefall Course is three and half weeks long. The first three days consists of extensive ground training.

During extensive ground training the students will receive the following classes: gear issue, equipment familiarization, body stabilization, aircraft procedures and exits, emergency procedures, canopy control and landings.

Under the supervision of FAA Riggers, the Students learn all major components and the packing procedures. Each student is then fully responsible for packing their own parachute system.

The jumping  portion of the Military Freefall Course is broken down into three phases of training:

  1. Basic Freefall

  2. Military Freefall

  3. Night Operations

All jumps are performed at Monsoor Drop Zone /Nichols Field, located in Southern San Diego.

The student will graduate with approximately 25 total jumps.


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