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Prospective students should come to the course completely prepared for the entire duration. Students are expected to muster at 0730 daily as the morning lesson/jump brief will begin promptly at 0745. Students may not make weekends plans during the course as they may be forced to jump due to weather constraints.  Daily schedules will vary and the course will remain flexible to accommodate weather setbacks.

Course: Static Line

        CIN# A-431-0135

Duration : 5 days

Location: Tactical Air Operations School

                Moonsur Drop Zone and Trident DZ.

                AZAR listed Military Drop zones.

Weight limit: 240 lbs (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Students must have:

  1. Latest medical record

  2. ProTec Helmet

  3. BDU’s /Fatigues/ Field cammies

  4. Boots (Command issued with NO HOOKS)

Course: Military FreeFall

        CIN# A-431-0136

Duration : 3 1/2 weeks

Location: Tactical Air Operations School

                Moonsor DropZone.

                AZAR listed Military Drop zones.


  1. Static Line Graduated from Ft. Benning or

                          Tactical Air Operations School

  1. Maximum weight 240 lbs (NO EXCEPTION)

Students should bring:

  1. HAPS card

  2. Latest medical record

  3. Command authorized PT uniform

  4. Aviation flight gloves

  5. Boots (Command issued Boots with NO HOOKS)

  6. Field cammies or service flight suit


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